Obi ø2.7The mini-ball implant ø2.7

The Obi is a mini-implant with Ø 2.7 mm indicated for stabilisation of overdentures, fine crests, reduced mesio-distal gaps and to support a temporary prosthesis. Its placement is fast due to a restricted surgical protocol: only 1 burr is needed. Although it is small, it benefits from the same characteristics and therefore the same guarantees fo reliability as our traditional implants.



• Overdenture stabilisation.

This kit includes all the instruments necessary for carrying out the surgical protocol and the management of all bone densities for all lengths of Obi Ø 2.7 implants.

Reduced format for increased space in the sterile field and the autoclave.

Readability of sequences due to the presentation of the instruments in order of use and the protocol table.

  • Limits gingival manipulations.
  • Encourages gingival healing.
  • Optimum adherence of hemidesmosomes due to circular machined threading on the neck.
  • Homogeneous distribution of masticatory forces.
  • Excellent primary stability immediately after implant placement.
  • Decreased heating of the bone and insertion time.
  • Atraumatic progression due to its rounded tip.
  • Decreased heating of the bone.
  • Decreased insertion time.
  • Titanium oxide micro-sanding.
  • Etching with nitric and hydrofluoric acids.
  • 23 years of clinical experience.